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Effective Advocacy for Children with Special Learning Needs
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  Noreen J. O’Mahoney, C.S.W., S.D.A.
             Founder & Director

      Collaborative Advocacy Associates (CAA) was founded by Noreen J.
O’Mahoney as a professional firm dedicated to providing families with
comprehensive educational advocacy services in support of children with
special learning needs.  
      Ms. O’Mahoney's commitment to collaborative advocacy has been
developed professionally, as well as through her role as a parent of
children with special learning needs.
      Ms. O’Mahoney received her advanced degree in School District
Administration from the State University of New York, and her Masters in
Social Work from Syracuse University. She is a licensed School District
Administrator and School Social Worker with more than 35 years
experience in Connecticut and New York.
      She has served as: a member of numerous child study teams; chair
of parent advisory committees; chair of Committees on Special
Education; program development specialist of individualized case
coordination councils; clinical coordinator of an alternative high school.
She has also trained school personnel on a statewide level to identify
and service children’s unique academic and emotional needs. As a
special education advocate, she has completed numerous special
education and advocacy training programs, including the State of  
Connecticut’s respected Partners in Policymaking Program.  
      Ms. O’Mahoney is a past member of the executive board of
SPED*NET, the Special Education Network of Wilton, Ltd,. a non-profit
corporation organized exclusively for educational purposes, more
specifically, to educate the public about special needs, special education
and disability-related issues. She is on the Professional Advisory Board
of The Pilot House Special Needs Resource Foundation in Fairfield, CT
and is a member of the Connecticut Association for Children and Adults
with Learning Disabilities (CACLD) a non-profit organization committed
to helping children and adults with Learning Disabilities and Attention
Deficit Disorders.
      She is the co-author of the well-received, web book:
Knowledge to the Table: How To Be An Effective Advocate for Your Child,
as well as other professional articles on special education
      Ms. O'Mahoney has been an invited presenter at statewide
conferences and numerous parent training seminars. In addition, she
makes herself available to speak to organizations seeking to educate
and empower parents with the information they need to become effective
advocates on behalf of their children.
          THE CAA TEAM
              Expertise to Meet Any Need    


The US Department of Education                    

National Information Center for Children
and Youth with Disabilities

CT State Department of Education             

The Special Education Resource Center  

Connecticut Association for Children with
Learning Disabilities

Special Education Network - CT                    

The Pilot House:
Special Needs Resource Foundation        

          Allene "Allie" Nicolari-Grafman, M.S.
               Special Education Advocate    

      Allie Nicolari-Grafman’s entire professional career has been devoted to helping
children with special learning needs in the public school environment.  For nearly 35
years she has served the needs of this vulnerable population as a tutor, special
education teacher and school administrator. Now, as part of the CAA Team, she uses
her extensive experience in these roles to work directly with the families of these
children to ensure that they have the appropriate educational programs in place to
meet their needs.
      Most recently, Ms. Nicolari-Grafman served as Coordinator of Special Education for
Guilford, CT Public Schools for the pre-school and elementary levels. Prior to that she
served ten years collectively as Coordinator of Special Education for Guilford High
School and Guilford Middle Schools. She served as the Director of the school district’s
Extended School Year Program, following many years as a special education teacher
at the middle school level.          
      Through her many years with the Guilford district, Ms. Nicolari-Grafman was
intimately involved in the development, implementation and administration of all
aspects of the district’s special education programs. In her most recent role, she was
instrumental in developing Guilford’s program for serving children diagnosed with
Autism Spectrum Disorder.
      Ms. Nicolari-Grafman graduated from the University of Connecticut with a
Bachelor's Degree in Special Education and Psychology, and earned her Master’s
degree in Special Education and Learning Disabilities from Southern Connecticut
State University. Ms. Nicolari-Grafman has also completed the advanced certification
program in Educational Leadership and Supervision, and Special Education
Consultation, from Southern Connecticut State University.