A thoughtful, common sense approach to special
education advocacy recognizes that you and your
child’s school team must work together to have the
school, or if necessary another entity, provide an
appropriate and effective education program for your
Our approach is based on the philosophy
that believes that for the sake of the child who
must typically operate day-to-day in the school
environment, professionalism, collaboration,
negotiation and mediation are the best route
to travel; an overly combative or
protracted litigious approach may
only serve to complicate matters.
To produce this
professional collaboration, your
special education advocate help you understand and
negotiate the special education system from a position
of informed strength created by four key factors:


 Our Mission is to help you ensure that your child
is being provided with an educational program that is
not just appropriate, but that
truly meets his or her
individualized needs.

 Our Commitment is to help children with special
learning needs gain access to the educational
opportunities that are their right under the law,
whether they are provided in a public or private school

 Our Philosophy is that taking a
knowledge-based, professional, collaborative
approach to working with school personnel is
preferable to a combative approach. However, when
disagreements arise -- as they invariably will -- we
negotiate on your behalf and, if necessary, seek an
agreement on the disputed issues through Due
Process Mediation.
Collaborative Advocacy Associates
Effective Advocacy for Children with Special Learning Needs
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CAA seeks to educate, support and encourage parents to become effective
partners with schools in developing appropriate, individualized education
programs for their children.
Your CAA special education advocate will provide you with as much or as
little support as you desire, from coaching and counseling you to advocate
for your child yourself, to actively accompanying you through the process.
"We believe that a parent is the most effective advocate a child
can have , and our mission is to empower you, rather than
replace you in that role
                               -  Noreen J. O'Mahoney, C.S.W., S.D.A.
                                                 CAA Founder and President

Collaborative Advocacy Associates (CAA)
is a group of dedicated professionals
providing families with
comprehensive educational advocacy
services in support of children
with special learning needs.

As a truly independent firm, we are not
affiliated with any law practice,
diagnostic/ therapeutic service center or
educational organization,
so we owe  
allegiance to no one but you !

1)   an in-depth understanding of IDEA and Section 504 Plan

2)   a broad knowledge of special learning needs, their impact on
 education, and effective interventions;

3)   direct experience in school district administration and special
education services;

4)   demonstrated ability, through the respect-based relationships we
have built with school personnel, to work collaboratively to ensure   
the needs of your child are being met.


We know the many top medical,         
mental health and therapeutic practitioners
in the state, and they know us.

From many years of helping translate
their evaluations, recommendations and
reports into appropriate educational  
programs for children with special needs,  
we have extensive knowledge of how
particular diagnoses impact a child’s ability
to learn, and perhaps more importantly,
what the most effective interventions
may be.
What is Collaborative Advocacy   ?
Celebrating More Than 15 Years of Advocating for
Children with Special Learning Needs!
                    MESSAGE FROM OUR FOUNDER  

  When I set out on this journey more than fifteen years ago, I was probably just like you: a
parent trying to get my child the help he needed to be successful in school. Even though I
had been working in the field of disabilities for my entire professional career, discovering
what it took to make the educational system work so that my son could get the help he
needed was truly an eye-opener !
 It may not have been designed that way, but the special education system is a maze that
most people need help navigating. Once I learned enough to help my son, I discovered
just how great and growing the need was among others facing similar challenges with their
own children, and how much they needed the knowledge and experience I had developed.
 Seeing the opportunity to be of real service to families with children who have learning
needs, I decided to become a special education advocate. I read all the major books on
special education and advocacy, took every formal advocacy training course available,
and sought additional knowledge from numerous experts in the field. Along the way, I have
accompanied parents to many thousands of PPTs, team meetings and mediations.
 Today, this work has truly become my passion! I cannot tell you how satisfying it is to
know that we can have an impact in the life of a child with special needs. And in numerous
cases, helping those children get the support they need, has helped entire families better
manage life with a child with a disability.
 As my colleagues and I approach our 20th anniversary, we are more energized than ever
about helping many more thousands of children and families. May God Bless and protect
all children, especially those with special needs.

                                           Noreen J. O'Mahoney, C.S.W., S.D.A.
                                           Director, Collaborative Advocacy Associates