A full range of educational advocacy services:

  •        Complete Educational Record Review

  •        Records Organization/Management Service

  •        Analysis & Assessments of:
                                       -   Individualized Education Plans (IEP)
                   -  Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSP) (B23); and           
                   -  Section 504 Plans   

  •       IEP Development; especially Measurable Goals and Objectives

  •        IEP Implementation Verification/ Classroom Observations

  •        Development of Strategy/Action Plans

  •        Parent Coaching

  •        Assistance Drafting School Communications / Agendas, etc.

  •        Direct Advocacy at PPT/504 Meetings

  •        Consultations with Treating Professionals

  •        Direct Negotiation w/ School Districts

  •        Due Process Mediations

  •        Private Special Education School Placement Consulting

  •        Referrals for Diagnostic/Treatment Services   
     Our team of experienced, professional
special education advocates works with you
at all stages of your journey through the
increasingly complex special education

  -  from first diagnosis of eligibility for
     special education services,

  -  through development of an   
     individualized education program (IEP),

  -  to ongoing follow-through to ensure  
     the IEP is being implemented.
Collaborative Advocacy Associates
Effective Advocacy for Children with Special Learning Needs
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                        THE CAA PROCESS

          Effectively meeting a child’s special learning needs is  
   critically important to their receiving an appropriate  
         That's why we take the work we do on behalf of clients
   very seriously and approach it in the most professional, process-
   oriented manner possible.
         While your unique circumstance will drive how we
   approach your case, here are the major steps in the process:

   STEP ONE:          Initial In-Person Consultation with Parents

   STEP TWO:        Complete Review of Educational /
                                Diagnostic Record

   STEP THREE:     Design Strategy for Achieving Educational

   STEP FOUR:        Assemble Critical Information in Support of

   STEP FIVE:          Schedule/ Attend Planning & Placement Team
                                 Meeting (PPT)

   STEP SIX:           Negotiate An Effective IEP Based on School         

   STEP SEVEN:     a) Ensure IEP Implementation
                                 b) Seek Mediation / Resolution
No Matter Where You
Are In The Process
    We Can Help