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QUESTION: What can I do to make sure my child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP)  is being implemented? ANSWER: Trust, with Verification. That was President Ronald Reagan’s approach to working with the Soviet Union prior to the end of the Cold War: he was … Continue reading

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Inclusion: “Wonderful and Truly Possible!”

EDITOR’S NOTE: In this new section, we’d like to invite commentary from parents of children with special needs who may have something positive, uplifting or encouraging to share with other parents who are on the same journey: Raising a child … Continue reading

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Helping Kids Manage The Emotions of the Holidays

By Jennifer B. Theriault, MSW, LCSW                                                                                         CAA Special Education Advocate The holiday season, more than any other time of year, is filled with expectations of joy, happiness, and excitement.  For some, it is a magical time, but for many children … Continue reading

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